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Your go too...

I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, it runs all the time (this happens when you live in Florida). Only to be turned off by the switch on the wall, when that rare occasion occurs. Like our daily lives, we tend to go, go, go and stop to seek God just when something happens. For instance, your car breaking down, getting fired from your job, or even the loss of a loved one. These situations are supposed to draw you closer to the Lord, not turn you away from him. Now, if you allow God to see you through it, he says he will make your crooked paths straight, and he won't give you more than you can handle. Instead we turn off the switch, not to be flicked back on until the circumstance has passed us by. Trying to do it on our own. Again... Oh my goodness! Why do we do this to ourselves. God's word is his promise to us, if we read it, and believe it's true, the impossible becomes possible. Then change is no longer a thought, but becomes an action. Now getting back to that fan... there's an off switch on the actual fan, you know, a back up to the one on the wall. Well, we tend to make God our back up instead of our main switch, and with this notion we really have to transform that perspective, and make him our main source of power. Even when things have gotten chaotic. Take a step back, ask God to be a part of your day. He is the Almighty King of Kings, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, he is "I AM". There is no greater power source than him, so when you put God first in ALL you do, especially starting the day, you'll see a difference in your daily life.

Say... Father, as I start my day I pray that it may line up with what you have planned. For I will not fear, knowing you are with me, strengthening, and holding on to me with your righteous right hand. I pray any plan the enemy has set up for me today will be destroyed in Jesus name. Amen.

Thank him, and know today is the day the Lord has made. So expect the unexpected, and know he is your God.



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