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Out of your comfort zone

So many times we avoid doing things in life because the situation makes us uncomfortable. We don't stop to think, well... am I missing out by not leaving my comfort zone. Did I miss meeting my spouse, a great job opportunity, or maybe even a million dollars in cash someone would have given me. That's a big maybe... You'll never know, since you've never stepped out. I discovered this is not the case with God, he has no problem taking you out of your comfort zone. He did it all throughout the bible. Moses at 80 years old, who had a speech impediment, is told by God in a burning bush (Exodos 3) to tell Pharaoh, the richest most feared ruler, to let his people the Israelites go from slavery. How about Naaman, a commander in the army of Syria, who had leprosy and wanted to be healed. He was told by the prophet Elisha to go wash himself seven times in the Jordan River, which was the dirtiest river around, but if he did, he would be healed. He who was highly regarded, being asked to go in this nasty water, this was like asking J-Lo to go back to riding the subway.

When you read through theses stories, you see that when each one stepped out great things happened. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt after 430 years of being enslaved, and Naaman went into the Jordan River as stinky and dirty as it was, and was healed.

I tell you today, step out of your comfort zone, and see what great things come about. Ask God to give you strength, and courage as you step out into the next level of excellence. He's a God that never fails, and because of that, he never sets us up for failure, only success.



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