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Forgiving Yourself

We tend to not forgive ourselves for things that have happened in the past, yet God has already moved on to the future. Once we ask for forgiveness he blots it right out his book, as if it never happened. Our prayer to him should be, Lord I am still not all I should be, because I'm focusing on the past, when I should be looking forward to what lies ahead. Thank you, that in this race of life your training me through your words, and promises to endure my past, and prepare me for my future. I look forward to the prize of heaven, and eternity with you. In Jesus name. Amen. Don't forget God loves you as you are, when you give your life to him he will change you, and make you into the man or woman he created you to be. Trust him, and know as you confess your sins, they have already been forgiven, for he paid for them on the cross at Calvary.



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