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Pray for Shiela, someone that has taken vocal lessons from me, that she book and transfer for a few more and those might be the last added. Pray for protection over this if it might be needed, until the booking is made and the funds are transferred. I need to hire a backing vocalist to finish up a project and for that I need immediate funds. Then, if you’d like to you could also pray for one or more students to book now within the next few days. And also someone with the name Mattias, that he will book a few lessons. Then, pray for Matthew, and the music publishing company related to him. I did some music for them in January last year, 5 tracks. After that they did not offer anything but pray they will really offer a new commission now again in January. Pray that he or they will not once again say they don’t need anything at the moment, but now really offer me something, some tracks I could deliver now in January.



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